How retailers can keep growing returns costs in check

This images show someone returning a package.

While most retailers have recently recorded a decline in returns, the cost burden is still big, and many retailers are increasingly looking for ways to reverse course even further. It’s retail’s unavoidable story, especially e-commerce: For each percentage of growth in sales comes more returned items from customers. It’s the double-edged sword that keeps getting […]

Avoid Supply Chain Dominos by Navigating the Disruption Du Jour

Shipping Containers

By Tom Behnke, Total Retail It can feel, at times, like a game of dominos. When there’s a global supply chain disruption, like those we’ve been seeing in recent months on the Red Sea and the Panama Canal, e-commerce companies and, ultimately, consumers feel the downstream ripples. For those working on the inside, it’s nothing […]

Making Sure Your Fulfillment Partnership Doesn’t End in Divorce

A man and woman are unhappy.

In the logistics industry, we have a saying, “you date your transportation partners, but you marry your 3PL fulfillment partner.” There’s a lot of truth in this analogy. Perhaps we can humor you with the many ways that finding a 3PL is similar to heading to the altar – metaphorically.  The dating process involves researching, […]

Same-day Delivery Expectations are Growing. How Can Online Retailers Compete? 

A man delivers groceries to a woman at her home.

Same-day delivery has been around for a while – think flowers, Dominos, and auto parts. UberEATS, DoorDash, and your local grocery store dramatically expanded the same-day food delivery sector during the pandemic. And, thanks to Amazon, Target, and Walmart, people are receiving more than food every day to their front door. 100 million Prime members […]

What’s The Deal With “Black Friday?”

Black Friday shopper holds many bags.

Shoppers in America christened the Friday after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday” long before the internet and eCommerce began to dominate the retail world. This year will be no different. However, the phenomenon is not a single-day experience – and it’s not just an American event. Here’s a quick look backward and forward on Black Friday […]