Ecommerce Quandary, Fixing the Returns Problem

Someone hands packages to be returned to a worker.

Ecommerce is a blessing and a curse in the world of retail. While it’s played a key role in the overall success of retail in recent decades, it’s also saddled the industry with a growing returns problem. For every percentage growth in sales, more items are returned by customers. As the 2023 holiday season’s returns […]

Porch Pirates on the Prowl This Holiday Season: Here’s How to Outsmart Them

A thief steals packages recently delivered

Your package tracking app reports, “Delivered,” yet there’s no trace of the package by the front door. Has your parcel fallen prey to porch pirates? You’re not alone. According to a survey by C+R Research, about 14% of Americans have had packages stolen by the now-infamous porch pirates. As consumers prepare their homes for the […]