Brooke Atwood Testimonial - Boxzooka Customer
Brooke Atwood says the day she shipped her product line to Boxzooka was a great day.   “The transition from doing my own distribution to having Boxzooka do it has been so seamless for me,” said Atwood. “It’s been so stress-free. I couldn’t do it without them.”   Atwood, with
Fulfillment Center
Earlier this month, I penned an article for Multichannel Merchant, answering the question: When does an urban fulfillment center model make sense?   Powerhouses like Amazon, Walmart and Target have defined the e-commerce landscape, including the urban FC center model. Multi-origin fulfillment has created new challenges for startup e-commerce sellers and
“We can do anything. We’re not in the ‘no’ business. Other third party logistics are in the no business.” — Brendan Heegan.  See full story here.  Watch this video of the Boxzooka operation in Secaucus, New Jersey.
Bins on top of bins upon shelves on top of shelves at the Boxzooka warehouse are filled with products ranging from next season’s winter parkas to the newest cinema releases on DVD. Boxzooka, a global eCommerce fulfillment company headquartered in Secaucus, stores the goods for manufacturers and then ships them
Your success does not only depend on the quality of your product — it also depends on the quality of your order fulfillment service. While you may offer a high-quality product, order fulfillment plays a crucial role in whether your business excels. Delayed, missing, or incorrect shipments are all surefire