Warehousing best practices to keep your front-line workers injury-free

Easy-to-understand signage can also help. “We post signs in multiple languages, says Brendan Heegan, founder and CEO of Boxzooka, which also offers training and certification testing in Spanish as well as English.

At least a few of those temps each day are working for Boxzooka for the first time, says Heegan. Boxzooka holds a meeting every morning to review rules and safety guidelines and explain the day’s tasks. Permanent staffers attend those meetings along with temps.

“We constantly train new people, but core staff has to sit through it over and over again,” Heegan says. “Constant reinforcement is part of the reason for our great safety record.”

Boxzooka uses video cameras to monitor activity, including safety violations, throughout the warehouse. “The monitors are in multiple offices, and multiple people have visibility to them,” Heegan says. When people spot unsafe behavior, they offer the worker correction right away.

Article written by Merrill Douglas.

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