The Advantages of Using A 3PL Fulfillment Warehouse Center

It’s a common scenario for growing e-commerce retailers to find themselves challenged by the daunting task of managing a large stock of products while successfully distributing orders both locally and internationally. Products can vary in size and volume, making the logistics of packaging and shipping a tangled web. Those who find themselves in situations like this can benefit significantly from adopting a 3PL fulfillment center’s services.

What is a 3PL Center? 

A 3PL (third-party logistics) is a warehousing fulfillment company that offers logistics services to support shopping operations. Third-party logistic companies take a considerable workload off the hands of their e-commerce clients by conducting some aspects of the business, such as order processing and inventory management. Working with a 3PL fulfillment warehouse center provides visibility to all aspects of the supply chain, removing the stress from the equation. 3PLs create value by enhancing operational, financial, and end-customer performance.

3PL Order Fulfillment for International Selling 

The benefits of selling internationally through a 3PL are vast, including access to better freight rates, improved supply chain efficiencies, and networking shared knowledge and connections. Here’s a breakdown of the most significant benefits of working with a 3PL:


The right 3PL can efficiently manage high and low seasons and respond to demand increases quickly. 3PLs are connected to worldwide service providers that make it possible to respond to flux and changing trends in the market. By linking their clients to less risky resources, 3PL fulfillment centers can ultimately accomplish goals more efficiently.

Access to Technology 

The right 3PL will have a proprietary Warehouse Management Software that, through analytics, will quickly improve all aspects of an e-commerce retailer’s operation. Below are a few of the beneficial technologies that 3PL offer:

  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Freight Audit and Payment Solutions
  • Transportation and Management Systems
  • Route and Consolidation Optimization Tools
  • Learn More About Boxzooka’s Proprietary WMS

The right 3PL center will relentlessly identify ways to improve efficiencies, cut costs involving duty-paid checkouts, and create added value. It’s easy to ascertain that the expertise of a 3PL company designed to monitor, analyze and optimize e-commerce operations is beneficial from all perspectives.

Freedom to Focus on Key Competencies 

Even under the right systems, transportation can be challenging. A 3PL takes on the responsibility of all fulfillment warehousing needs, logistics, and shipping realities, which frees up the e-commerce retailer/owner to focus on their business and the brand’s most essential aspects. Here’s a look at some logistics a 3PL partner can oversee:

  • Issue Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Manage Customer Returns
  • Driver and Facility Communication
  • Billing and Paperwork
  • Order Tracking
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Scheduling


People define value in their own ways. There’s a reason why some will opt for a one-stop shop while others prefer to control every detail. For today’s e-commerce retailers, the key to success lies in understanding all the client’s requirements, the competition, and the intricacies of inventory management.

Contact Boxzooka to learn how to achieve outstanding client satisfaction and unparalleled wholesale fulfillment execution necessary for a successful e-commerce venture.

By Brendan Heegan

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