Secaucus fulfillment company looks to expand its role in growing eCommerce industry

Bins on top of bins upon shelves on top of shelves at the Boxzooka fulfillment warehouse are filled with products ranging from next season’s winter parkas to the newest cinema releases on DVD. Boxzooka, a global eCommerce fulfillment company headquartered in Secaucus, stores the goods for manufacturers and then ships them when orders come in.

Now, the company that’s called Secaucus home since 2015 is looking to expand its role in the burgeoning eCommerce industry. Come September, it plans to offer its software for sale to other fulfillment companies.

Brenden Heegan, founder and director of marketing and sales, said the warehouse management software his company’s developers created has been part of an efficient and sustainable business model.

“The WMS is really the core of our business,” he said. “Whatever helps us out generally helps out our customers, too. If they do well, we do well. We truly believe that.”

According to, the United States had the second largest eCommerce market, behind China, with a total of $340 billion in 2017. And Secaucus is a hub for dozens of warehouses because of its location near major roads and New York City.

As the landscape of business is moving to eCommerce and online shopping, companies like Boxzooka are creating software to ease and organize this transition for companies.

Boxzooka’s software is built to be adjusted to the customer’s needs and keep up with the changing landscape of retail marketing that Heegan said he thinks makes the business model sustainable.

“Most companies have two things in common: they lack resources and they change their minds every day,” Heegan said. “They have to be changing all the time, coming up with new this, new that and they need us to execute them, and it all comes back to the software.”

Clients can view report statistics including revenue, discrepancies, customer ranks, product ranks, the shipping process and other reports through the online software, Leo Fernandez, director of Client Services, said.

The staff at Boxzooka consists of Fernandez; an accountant; two software developers; Heegan; warehouse manager Carlos Hernandez and approximately 22 full-time laborers, Fernandez said.

Clients pay to store their merchandise, which varies from apparel to cosmetics to DVDs, in bins, Fernandez said. The price also varies, depending on amount and volume, Heegan said.

Heegan said he has made deals with start-up companies in the past that were unsuccessful, which hurt Boxzooka because they had leftover merchandise still stored in the warehouse. As a result, he said the team at Boxzooka has to be selective about what clients they make deals with.

“There’s so many companies out there that think they can have a beautiful product and put up a beautiful website and if they build it, people will come, and it’s not the case,” Heegan said. “We’ve seen ’em.”

Article written by Falyn Stempler

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