Optimize Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Process with Real-Time Data

Gaining complete control over your warehouse operations is essential to your business’s health and continued growth. Customers expect and demand a transparent, accurate, and fast order fulfillment warehouse experience. Choosing the right Warehouse Management System (WMS) can make the difference between a well-run warehouse that can exceed customer delivery expectations and dissatisfied end-users who might take their business elsewhere.

So, how do you optimize the e-commerce fulfillment process? The name of the game is data, data, and more data. According to a study by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, 93% of shippers and 98% of third-party logistics firms feel that data-driven decision-making is crucial to supply chain activities.

Why is it essential for your WMS to provide real-time data to your business?

You need current and actionable information to help you make the right decisions regarding your inventory and real-time updates regarding your entire supply chain. In essence, you need accurate and timely data to determine what products you have received, where they are stored, and pinpoint activity in the delivery process. Your customers expect you to be able to answer questions about their order; real-time data analytics will help you accurately address customer service and raise customer satisfaction. Real-time data will provide insight into where the bottlenecks are in your processes and how to improve them. Real-time visibility into demand patterns is key to understanding and predicting trends – not all future inventory levels can be based on past requirements. You need to be agile and make decisions quickly to survive in today’s challenging business environment.

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms to choose from. But when an out-of-the-box WMS does not meet your needs, that’s where Boxzooka’s proprietary WMS comes in!

Why choose Boxzooka’s WMS?

Boxzooka goes the extra mile to ensure that you can take your business to the next level. It will provide the data necessary to make quicker and better-informed decisions in your supply chain management.

The benefits of Boxzooka’s WMS go far beyond the four walls of the warehouse; it will also improve efficiency and productivity across your entire organization.

What can Boxzooka’s WMS do for you?

Boxzooka’s WMS provides the data necessary to make informed decisions as part of your supply chain management.

Boxzooka’s WMS provides:

    • Total inventory management control
    • Full visibility of the supply chain management process, tracking product from intake at the warehouse to the store shelf
    • Real-time analytics
    • Full sales monitoring metrics
    • Tracking and high visibility into order activity: receiving, storage, picking, and delivery processes
    • Detailed reporting on receiving, storage, inventory, and shipping time-in-transit

Boxzooka’s WMS provides data to help you determine what stock you currently have, what you will need in the future, and appropriate stock safety levels to avoid stockouts and reduce storage costs. It would help if you make informed predictions about what product you might need in the future and at what levels; the data provided by Boxzooka’s WMS lends itself to predictive analytics that will assist in management decisions. Predictive analytics will give insight into supply and demand miscalculations and help address issues such as damaged inventory. Replenishment planning analytics will help you determine product availability. Intelligent dashboards enable you to see a high-level summary of metrics key to the warehouse’s efficient running. It also provides insights into opportunities and risks.

By Brendan Heegan

For more information about Boxzooka’s Warehouse Management System and its benefits, visit https://www.boxzooka.com/technology/warehouse-management-system.

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