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Elevate your brand’s trajectory with Boxzooka’s state-of-the-art WMS technology and vast network of fulfillment centers. By strategically placing inventory in multiple locations across the country, including our Las Vegas Fulfillment center, Las Vegas-based businesses can hit the jackpot, boosting sales, cutting costs, and effortlessly expanding.


  • 100% On Time Receiving Rate
  • 99.8% On Time Shipping Rate
  • 99.9% Inventory Accuracy Rate
  • 100% Fulfillment Accuracy Rate

Fulfillment Technology WMS

Inventory Management

You have full visibility into inventory receipts, returns, orders and transfers with updates in real time. Accuracy is near perfect for ten years running.


Boxzooka’s reporting offers detailed transaction history across each area of your business, Sales, Receiving and Inventory, Service Level Agreements.

Custom Integrations

Boxzooka’s open API’s allow the advanced retailer endless options on custom data exchange. Our prebuilt plugins offer turnkey connectivity for most ecommerce platforms, ERP’s and middleware ecommerce solutions.


Boxzooka’s analytics dashboards offer detailed insights into historical trends and patterns, providing comprehensive visibility across all areas of your business.

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Retail & Wholesale Distribution

Our Nevada fulfillment center offers a full spectrum of business-to-business fulfillment processing, operations, support, and inbound freight services. As a premier Las Vegas 3PL, we handle Retail, Wholesale, B2B, EDI, or store orders with compliance and routing guide expertise to support your supply chain.


Boxzooka offers compliant Amazon prep services for FBA from labeling, barcoding, to bagging and tagging. We’re also connected with Seller Fulfilled Prime and can enable FBM helping reduce costs while you take your business omni-channel. Clients can leverage Boxzooka’s TMS Rate and Method shopping, as well as bicoastal distribution, for low cost 2 day delivery.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Accurate order fulfillment with the ability to customize and scale is what drives our business. Our bread and butter is facilitating direct-to-consumer order fulfillment from 100 orders to over 10,000 per day. With a reputation among the best fulfillment centers, we’re in the brand protection business.

Kitting & Assembly

Boxzooka operations are optimized for kitting and assembly projects. We’ll help create those bundles or kits that give your customers the selections you want to promote. We have deep expertise in managing inventory proactively to assure the SKU availability.


We help brands with those extra touches that differentiate their products. Custom pack out and packaging are standard operating procedures. Personalization services are available for note cards, embroidery, engraving and more. Promotional inserts, samples and gifting options are yours to choose from.

Returns Processing

We saw a gap here in the industry and look at returns processing with the same sense of urgency as outbound order fulfillment. Our WMS makes it easy to identify products, relabel or repackage, and our returns processing associates have the unique training to ensure quality assurance.

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By partnering with our skilled team, you can access a world of fulfillment possibilities beyond exceptional warehousing services, including seamless integration with our East Coast warehouse and fulfillment operations at our Las Vegas fulfillment center.