Our Connecticut Fulfillment Services

Boxzooka’s Connecticut fulfillment services offer efficient warehousing and shipping solutions. Its strategic nearby location ensures quick and reliable deliveries, leveraging advanced inventory systems to enhance order accuracy and speed. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and seamless business scalability.

Boxzooka also provides kitting, assembly, and custom packaging to meet client needs and improve customer experience. With dedicated support for real-time updates, Boxzooka promotes transparency and trust, enabling businesses to concentrate on growth and innovation.


  • 100% On Time Receiving Rate
  • 99.8% On Time Shipping Rate
  • 99.9% Inventory Accuracy Rate
  • 100% Fulfillment Accuracy Rate

Boxzooka is your business's secret weapon, expertly managing storage, packing, and shipping with our Connecticut fulfillment services, so you can focus on what you do best.

How We Do Things

Boxzooka employs a methodology focused on deeply understanding the businesses of our fulfillment clients. We develop procedures tailored to their requirements and consistently exceed their expectations, making us a trusted fulfillment partner.


Boxzooka takes the time to get to know your business and your expectations. Our discovery process is thorough and customized to your organization. We love data about your products, your customers, your marketing and the forecasts.


We take pride in optimizing our warehouse operations to perform for our clients. We’ll build a layout that is tailored to your unique SKUs, their velocity and packaging requirements.


Boxzooka leverages performance management tools for accurate and on time fulfillment. Our Service Level Agreements are the highest in the industry and you can watch us perform every day across all fulfillment activities.  

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For dependable fulfillment services, contact us to discover Boxzooka’s proprietary WMS. Seamlessly integrated with our Connecticut fulfillment services, it ensures transparent, time-stamped transactions.