Client Success Teams Add Value for eRetailers

eRetailers depend on their 3PL to keep their promises to customers. Every order is important, and you’re only as successful as your satisfied customers believe you are. Having a Client Success Manager and Team that cares about your business is valuable for the little issues and the big picture.

Some of the biggest and most powerful fulfillment warehouse companies have difficulty being responsive, flexible, and available for eRetailers, particularly those in the early stages of building a brand and a clientele. It can be hard to get a hold of a live person when you need answers and updates. Retailers can’t afford to watch over every aspect of their inventory, order processing, and returns business.

Traditional Account Management organizations within multi-client facilities have a handful of account managers responsible for dozens of different companies. 3PLs can’t afford to have clients contacting operations people directly and account managers are intended to bridge that gap. When activity scales up, this workflow naturally causes delays, challenges, and frustration.

Client Success Strategies built to meet retailer expectations 

E-commerce retailers need access to information from their 3PL without having to write emails, send texts, or call someone for answers. Online access to your data and full transparency regarding order status, inventory levels, P.O.s, and tracking information are fundamental to managing your business. Client Success Managers are naturally freed up to be available for the next level of communication about strategy, forecasting, promotional activities, project management, and critical issues.

3PLs that provide a higher level of customer support become more than vendors or suppliers. They become an extension of your business and free up your people to focus on the whole business more than the warehouse fulfillment business.

Brendan Heegan, Boxzooka Founder, has built the company around flexible and reliable client solutions with a team that is results-oriented. Part of this strategy involves cross-training associates on various tasks to ensure business operations remain adaptable and tailored to the specific needs of their clients. “People are at the heart of our success,” Heegan states, “and we involve our teams in evaluating process improvement opportunities.” A motivated workforce that leverages technology performs well across our multi-client facilities.

Boxzooka has a Client Success methodology that permeates throughout the organization. It starts with the company culture of

“delivering on our promises while creating positive experiences for our clients and employees.” 

Our Client Success Strategy is built to service retailers with everything they need, when they need it, in the format desired. These principles are supported by a team of experts and great technologies that make information available in real time and drive processes that deliver results.

Our approach to Client Success starts by understanding and aligning with your expectations. Throughout the entire engagement process, we are committed to delivering on our promises. The onboarding of a retailer is a pivotal step, and we ensure a smooth transition through effective knowledge transfer from our business development team to our implementation team. Leveraging our expertise in technology integration, we guarantee a seamless journey for you. Proactively taking the lead, we work diligently to make implementations efficient and hassle-free for your team.

Client Services providing value for eRetailers across multiple channels 

We have hundreds of client success stories, with our teams delivering on our promises and making it seem routine. “Results are king” is a phrase utilized throughout our operations as we work hard to make our customers successful.

By Tom Behnke

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