Boxzooka’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The explosive growth of e-commerce today lives and dies by the strength of its distribution chains. Yet even those, no matter how efficient, are likewise under heavy scrutiny to conform to the same levels of environmental sustainability being seen in countless other industries today.

At Boxzooka, this commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable logistics is a huge component of our growth strategy. We don’t make any investments or expansion goals without first thoroughly evaluating whether they conform to our ideals of eco-friendly packaging and green business.

Here’s how we’re committing to environmental sustainability while keeping efficient, transparent, and trustworthy warehouse distribution chains for our partners and clients.

Efficiency begins at home.

Logistics is all about efficiency, and improvements are always best put into action closest to home. When we first set out to increase our capabilities in green business practices and eco-friendly packaging, we began by looking at our facilities themselves.

A warehouse fulfillment center is the beating heart of any successful distribution chain. Our centers’ layout and travel time are under continuous review, and we track data down to the most precise of details to ensure we’re built for maximum efficiency and eco-friendly practices overall.

Less travel time and faster, more proactive warehouse fulfillment is better for environmental sustainability. Maximizing the productive potential of every moment our facilities are operational doesn’t just cut costs – it boosts sustainable logistics as a whole.

Of course, seizing the day in this respect wouldn’t mean much if our facilities and eco-friendly practices weren’t up to the challenge in tandem. Luckily, we’ve covered all the bases in making our green business model as effective as possible.

Championing recyclables and reusables

The amount of material that goes into even the simplest distribution chains means eco-friendly packaging is an absolute must. At Boxzooka, we have proactively sought ways to maximize the use of our packaging material.

Balancing the safety of shippable goods with eco-friendly practices that demand less use of materials is not always easy. Nonetheless, we use 100 percent recycled and sustainably produced corrugate and packaging material.

We also recycle all such material that we use, whether it’s the byproduct of our green business operations or the inbound packages for our partners and clients. We constantly reach out to our customers to advise and guide their journey into sustainable logistics and eco-friendly packaging alongside us.

Energy-efficient lighting

Does anybody really enjoy changing light bulbs? As part of our shift towards green and sustainable business strategies, we partnered with New Jersey’s statewide Clean Energy Program back in 2018.

Through that alliance, we’ve learned several insights, and one of the most simple yet effective moves toward more eco-friendly practices has come from introducing LED lighting to our facilities.

Those long-lasting illuminations soon made our warehousing proud in 2018 – so much so that we followed up with LED lighting for our corporate offices the following year. Environmental sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes, right down to your lighting.

Environmental sustainability is a constant dialog.

As hard as we try, nobody will save the planet alone. Sustainable business is about alliances, partnerships, and open conversations – just like distribution chains.

We are in continuous dialogue with our partners, suppliers, and growing client base to identify and implement new eco-friendly practices as they emerge. Keeping an open mind and an open channel of communication alive is equally important in environmental sustainability.

And already, we’re delighted to say that the results have been fantastically encouraging. Today, over 95 percent of our shipments are distributed in an entirely carbon-neutral way – naturally, we’d love to see that statistic climb even higher too.

This benefits you and our clients, as well. By working together on environmental sustainability, we’re working together to develop sustainable energy incentives and eco-friendly packaging innovations that keep revenues healthy and the environment protected.

Of course, none of these green business ideals are ever put into action to the detriment of efficiency or security. On the contrary, they often enhance it.

Got some environmental sustainability ideas of your own? Get in touch – we’d love to work together to make it a reality.

By Brendan Heegan

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