Boxzooka goes the extra mile for Ernest Alexander

Ernest Alexander was looking for a third-party logistics (3PL) company that would meet all of his business needs. He says that he found that and more when he partnered with Boxzooka in 2017.

“Boxzooka has been a great resource,” said Alexander. “The setup process is easy. The integration was smooth. We get help with our website – all for a competitive rate.”

Alexander started his company in 2009. His vision was to create beautiful accessories for everyday life. He recognized the beauty in functional items with thoughtful designs crafted from quality materials.

Alexander recognizes that he is not just creating a product but also an experience — a perspective that led him to Boxzooka. Unlike other 3PLs he had worked with, Boxzooka stood out because of its attention to detail for all customers – even the smaller brands. He says he was pleasantly surprised to find that Boxzooka would go above and beyond to help give his customers the experience they pay for and deserve.

“Many 3PLs obtain 80 percent of their revenue from the top 20 percent of their clients. They often fall short on servicing everyone else. We believe that each and every one of our clients deserve the same level of service and support,” said Brendan Heegan, founder/CEO of Boxzooka.

Boxzooka’s extra effort and above-and-beyond service were especially evident in a time of crisis for a popular product last year during the holidays when Alexander started receiving an unusual number of returns for a particular bag.

“Unbeknownst to us, every single one of an overseas shipment of 3,000 units had an issue with the zipper,” Alexander said. “The manufacturer agreed to repair them, but that would have taken months.”

Instead, Boxzooka stepped in. Heegan and his team created a solution.

“We’re constantly surprised to hear the stories of how a lot of fulfillment warehouse 3PLs won’t execute anything beyond simple picking and packing,” Heegan said. “We’ll do anything outside of the box when asked to help make our brands successful. If they’re successful then we’re successful.”

The Boxzooka team got the special tools needed to repair the zipper, unpacked every single unit, and repaired each item.

“They fixed everything in a matter of three days,” said Alexander. “Every single bag was opened, repaired and replaced perfectly. That level of attention and customer service speaks to Boxzooka’s willingness to go the extra mile and partner with a business to just get it done.”

Alexander says his vision of creating a quality product, as well as exhibiting top-of-the-line packaging and customer service, is carried out with style by the Boxzooka team.

“I feel like I don’t have to worry about them, and that frees up my time to be able to focus on important things like product design, marketing, and sales. I don’t have to worry about the logistics because I know they have it covered.”

Ernest Alexander is based in New York City. Its design studio now manufactures items all over the world and has expanded its vision to clothing and other accessories — with the goal of helping customers create a look that reflects who they are in all that they do.

Article written by Shiftkey

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