3PLs Make Your Marketing Easier. Here’s How.

Third-party logistics (3PL) are a resource being utilized by ever more enterprises today. Yet the advantages of a good 3PL partner are more than just faster, more efficient orders, and pinpoint inventory management. Here’s how 3PL can improve your marketing strategy.

More advanced logistics

Because your 3PL provider is taking on how your products get from A to B – oftentimes from a position of proven expertise and competence – you can convey to your customer base how swiftly, safely, and securely their orders will arrive.

Peace of mind is one of the most bankable commodities available to buyers today. Third-party logistics ensure the goods you produce get warehoused, picked, packed, and sent via tracked delivery to those buyers. By factoring your 3PL marketing strategy into your overall marketing and advertising approach, you can win customers’ trust.

Customers are not too involved or interested in the specifics of shipping logistics until they go wrong. That’s why it is crucial that you provide them the assurance that their orders are in the right hands with a reliable 3PL partner. For instance, you can let them know through your checkout landing pages how your 3PL provider can deliver straight to their homes as fast as possible. And if there are any damaged or faulty orders, returning can be easier through their efficient return process.

You’re almost certain to see an uptick in orders for your small business tied to that most valuable marketing resource of all – trust.

A 3PL partner frees your internal resources for bigger marketing campaigns

Thinking a little larger in scope now, how healthy do you believe your small business marketing strategy is overall? Those organizations still handling orders, returns, and customer tracking inquiries in-house are understandably far more pressed for time and energy every day than those using third-party logistics partnerships.

It’s here that the real value of your 3PL marketing strategy can take shape. While you can create value by telling your customers how fast, safe, and reliable their deliveries and returns will be, there’s also the benefit your small business gains from having more time and resources to devote to marketing overall.

While your 3PL provider handles all your picking, packing, inventory management, and returns resolution, you and your marketing team have more hours in the day to really innovate and enhance your marketing tactics.

It’s not just time saved – it’s money too

Any marketing strategy for a small business is a costly endeavor, and it’s vital that you maximize that ROI.

It’s great that a 3PL partner can help give you more time to devote to building and growing your organization. Yet the costs being saved across the board are just as vital to factor into why having a reliable 3PL partner is such a huge advantage. It’s not just cost savings; your 3PL warehouse fulfillment center saves your brand by keeping your focus on matters that matter most.

A key example of this is customer loyalty – not always easily won in today’s competitive landscape. Ideally, you want your buyers coming back every time they need to make a purchase and for your small business to be the name they think of first when they do so.

Cementing that brand identity into your buyers’ minds is the job of marketing, of course – yet following through on the order accuracy and accurate inventory tracking that makes buying from you so seamless and dependable is made possible by the right third-party logistics ally.

Repeat business and anchor clients are the lifeblood of any small business. As customer loyalty boosts your long term revenues, your advertising budget is sure to increase.

The value of a solid 3PL partner

It’s astounding to realize just how many resources and advantages are unlocked through choosing the right 3PL provider. Entrusting the daily grind of picking, shipping, tracking, and returning orders to a third-party logistics partner lets you focus on bigger advertising, stronger customer loyalty, and a healthier bottom line.

There’s more to the value of a solid 3PL partner to your marketing strategy than you might imagine, and Boxzooka is here to help.

By Brendan Heegan

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